Maximizing Facebook ads by using the right images

There is one key difference that sets Facebook and Google pay-per-click advertising apart: imagery. While Google is still experimenting with adding pictures, Facebook has allowed advertisers to spruce up their affiliate marketing campaigns with images since the beginning.

And while images can add a new dynamic to display advertisements, that isn’t to say they are always a benefit – marketers still need to use specific types of pictures to drive consumer engagement. Search Engine Land writer Mona Elesseily recently talked to FBadsLAB’s Jennifer Sheahan to find out how affiliates could best use images to drive return on investment.

First and foremost, the source suggests pictures of happy women. The models need to look overjoyed and be facing directly at the camera. As Search Engine Land notes, the key challenge is trying to connect the picture with the ad – affiliates shouldn’t use women as models if they are promoting a product for men.

Colorful logos also have a high conversion rate. “Here, the key would seem to be extreme relevance and repetition over time to the most targeted audience possible. Involved in a niche sport like lacrosse? A leading lacrosse equipment maker could actually profit by simply showing you their logo every so often over a period of months or even years,” explains Elesseily.

When using logos, it’s important that affiliates leverage striking colors. For example, a blue-and-white logo might not pop on Facebook because it is the same color as the social network’s layout. Instead, bright green or orange may be a better fit.

Finally, Search Engine Land recommends headshots of relevant individuals. For example, a headshot of Bill Gates used with an advertisement for a Microsoft product could yield big results. The goal is to build product credibility by using the public image of a recognizable person.

“Close up pictures work best so try not to cram too much into your images. A good idea is to step away from your computer and see if you can still see your image clearly in the [110-pixel by 80-pixel] format. If not, resize, rinse and repeat,” Elesseily explains.

Facebook is a tremendous source of potential customers. The social network has more than 600 million registered members, and according to recent comScore data, it is one of the top most-visited websites, with 154 million Americans logging in during the month of April.

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