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State of Missouri looks to cap payday lending rates

The state of Missouri has proposed new limits that would cap payday lending rates. Many Americans turn to payday loans when they need cash immediately. Because they are such short-term loans, they generally come with high interest rates, which negatively impact some borrowers.

The Secretary of State has given the “Missourians for Responsible Lending” group approval to begin promoting a petition that seeks to place the issue on the 2012 ballot.

With the economy currently in tatters, payday lending has become a popular business venture, with several new financial institutions offering the borrowing option. These companies offer paycheck advancements and can get borrowers out of a tough bind – for example, giving them the resources they need to pay rent before they get their next check. Read More >

Google announces Panda update 2.2

Earlier this year, Google launched the Panda update to its search engine, which made major modifications to the way the portal sorted web results. The change that had the biggest impact on affiliate marketing campaigns was the devaluation of article websites.

Previously, article directories were highly regarded by Google – simply submitting original content to these websites enabled entrepreneurs to generate a backlog of high-quality links, which in turn boosted their search rankings. However, after the Panda update went through, the value of these websites dropped significantly, making them less beneficial than before. Read More >