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Maximizing Facebook ads by using the right images

There is one key difference that sets Facebook and Google pay-per-click advertising apart: imagery. While Google is still experimenting with adding pictures, Facebook has allowed advertisers to spruce up their affiliate marketing campaigns with images since the beginning.

And while images can add a new dynamic to display advertisements, that isn’t to say they are always a benefit – marketers still need to use specific types of pictures to drive consumer engagement. Search Engine Land writer Mona Elesseily recently talked to FBadsLAB’s Jennifer Sheahan to find out how affiliates could best use images to drive return on investment. Read More >

Twitter and the diverse audience it serves

When it comes to affiliate marketing campaigns, cost efficiency is often a top concern. Affiliate marketing is all about return on investment, and by leveraging inexpensive advertising channels, affiliates can maximize their profits. This is why social media has quickly become a pillar of affiliate marketing campaigns – the channel is an extremely low cost tool.

Moreover, social networks such as Twitter are growing rapidly, giving affiliates a broader reach. According to a new report from Pew Research Center, the number of American Twitter users have surged since last November, increasing from 8 percent to 13 percent in May 2011 – a 62.5 percent growth. While the social network still lags behind its top competitor Facebook, the makeup of Twitter users may be more beneficial to affiliate marketers. Read More >

Planning blog content is key to success

For many affiliates, a blog is simply a place to post their thoughts and insight. However, this content can quickly lead to sales and traffic if marketers take their time to plan out an effective blogging schedule.

As ClickZ recently observed, a blog shouldn’t be run just so that affiliates can check it off of their marketing list – it should be playing a critical role in the overall promotion process. The source recently offered a number of tips to help affiliates get the most out of their blogs.

First and foremost, marketers need to identify and serve a niche. By fulfilling the needs of a limited number of individuals, affiliates are more likely to generate a returning reader base. They should also keep in mind that people reading their blog differ than those who are interested in the products they are promoting – for example, an affiliate who sells ebooks may have success operating a marketing blog, but the two won’t necessarily crossover. Read More >