A pioneering lead generation and marketing services company since 1997, PartnerWeekly continues to innovate for clients in the growing category of fintech. Whether you offer small dollar loans, personal loans, credit cards, prepaid cards, or debt consolidation, PartnerWeekly has exclusive website sources, hundreds of affiliates, and long-standing partnerships with third-party performance media markets.

We can assist you in meeting your marketing goals. That’s what we do!

Are You an Advertiser?
Are You an Advertiser?

If you are an online advertiser of financial products, you have come to the right place. We help hundreds of companies like yours in developing and delivering unique online and multi-channel advertising programs.

We are unique in that we generate consumers from our own brands - we build consumer facing websites. We then optimize, curate, and enhance these audiences. Our brands define the small dollar loan market as well as other consumer financial verticals including:

  • Short term loans
  • Installment loans
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Debt consolidation

Over 70 reputable lenders in the United States leverage PartnerWeekly to drive revenue and monetize consumer data—giving lenders a large, diverse audience to market their services, while extending brand awareness. PartnerWeekly’s optimization and placements systems support acquisition strategies for lenders of all types; including short-term small dollar loans, personal loans, installment loans, and lines of credit.

  • Proprietary real-time marketplace efficiently allows consumers seeking specialty finance products to find lender advertisers—all while optimizing and monitoring ongoing performance metrics.
  • Development of multi-channel synergistic campaigns to support acquisition goals.
  • Millions of leads generated annually. Progressive fraud management tools help us to monitor and protect our clients 24/7.
  • Custom-qualified prospect criteria: only pay for the leads that match your business needs.
  • Multiple lead delivery options.
  • No start-up fees or long-term, exclusive contracts.
  • Turn-key integrations with all major loan management system providers.
  • Dedicated account management team with time-tested strategies that less experienced companies simply don’t have.
Customer Acquisition

PartnerWeekly creates a campaign strategy perfectly suited to identify and locate your ideal customer. Define your offer criteria—and PartnerWeekly does the rest.


PartnerWeekly’s talented production engineers map the lead delivery platform with your technology needs, and provide turn-key integration with all major systems.


Here’s where PartnerWeekly gets to do what it does best—marketing via online and offline channels: Paid Search, SEO, Display, Email, Direct Response Television, Radio and Direct Mail.


Expert account management teams diligently stay on top of campaigns as they monitor statistical performance metrics, recommend enhancements, and help your business navigate shifting market changes.

Are You an Affiliate?
Are You an Affiliate?

Since 1997, PartnerWeekly has built the industry-leading consumer acquisition & real-time distribution system for the consumer specialty finance market.

Work with the company that prides itself on its longevity and responsibility—in an industry that demands results, transparency, and ethics.

PartnerWeekly affiliates enjoy:

  • Weekly payments, on time and sent straight to your account.
  • Unique, responsive, and optimized offers that convert into sales for advertisers and commissions for you.
  • The highest conversion rates in the specialty finance marketplace.
  • Real-time statistics for impressions, clicks, leads, and sales.
  • Flexible applicant delivery channels designed to maximize your payouts plus preferred tier strategies including SOAP, SOAP Hybrid, Host/Post, CPA and CPC.
  • A dedicated team of expert business development managers who help you capture unrealized commissions and create a path to obtain the highest return on your traffic.
We generate over 75 million impressions and tens of millions of unique visitors annually with the highest conversion rates in the industry
Who We Are
Who We Are

PartnerWeekly is one of the largest privately-held online performance-based marketing companies focused on serving the fintech consumer finance market. Founded in 1997, PartnerWeekly has one of the longest-standing and largest proprietary distribution networks for consumer loan leads in the industry. The company provides highly optimized and responsive consumer websites - including many of the largest properties online. We achieve this through an advanced, cloud-based technology infrastructure, and a network of partnerships with the industry’s best consumer sources to optimize client business models for continuous, sustainable growth.

Processing millions of consumer searches for consumer loans annually, PartnerWeekly’s proprietary real-time marketplace efficiently allows consumers seeking specialty finance products to find lender advertisers — all while optimizing and monitoring ongoing performance metrics. Thoroughly tested and highly optimized, these unique strategic marketing solutions yield exceptional consumer response rates.

PartnerWeekly continues to develop innovative technologies and the most progressive fraud management tools in the market.

Based in Las Vegas, PartnerWeekly is one of the largest privately-held digital marketing companies in the United States.

Our Partners
Speedwell Holdings
Speedwell Holdingsspeedwellholdings.com

Speedwell Holdings is one of the largest digital marketing companies in the United States. With a portfolio of industry-leading specialty consumer finance companies in the key verticals of short-term lending, credit cards, and debt consolidation, Speedwell Holdings provides extensive and customizable solutions to develop and manage brands, acquire consumers cost-effectively and maximize return on investment.

Combining unparalleled consumer insight and vast media reach across owned-and-operated web properties and partner sites, Speedwell Holdings utilizes its cutting-edge technology to offer scalable results in the areas of on and offline direct marketing, media buying, list management, data solutions, brand management, web site solutions, search, display advertising, lead distribution marketing and credit reporting.

Branded Holdings
Branded Holdingsbrandedholdings.com

Branded Holdings provides marketing, development and design services with a twist. Branded Holdings’ talented team does more than develop websites, it brings ideas to life by creating a user-focused experience with constantly-improving metrics and optimized conversion funnels. It advertises products across channels; from lending products to other financial categories.

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